Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pictures and Memories

Pictures and memories is that we have of you now,
and yes – they will have to do
to appease our lovely desire not forget what is precious.
Pictures and memories are all that are left of you now,
and as your spirit moves between us
we will honor your memory in the proceeding days to come.
Pictures and memories are such a wonderful thing,
a thing sort of like being born more than once or twice.
Love is a fleeting thing for those that never believed in love.
The fleeting moment of this time
expends so much energy,
and yet, keeps everything in its proper perspective.
Pictures and memories constantly remind us of that gentle time
when everything seemed perfect
and would never change –
only by the way of an accident would this embellish the
memory of your smile.
Pictures and memories are all that will never grow old
of your memory, and yet – we all will soon grow old
one day if time permits this to be so.
Your father and mother have collected pictures and memories
in their mind, and they will find the time
to place them in a place where eternity exist
and share the memory of good times as it was meant to be.
Poem by Alfonso Coley - Photo Provided by Aaron Coley and Family