Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Prayer for Aaron W. McMullen Coley

The most paradoxical thing in the world happened to me just before I began to start a new Blogger project Blog relating to family values. Upon retrieving my phone messages two weeks ago – I received an urgent disturbing message from my brother stating that his son Aaron Coley befell to a near death swimming accident, and that he is currently on life support at U Mass Memorial hospital in Massachusetts. One day before I decided to postpone my new Blogger Blog, it occurred to me that I should give my Blog a more defined purpose – pertaining to the subject matter to be included in the Blog, but little did I know that this turn of events would lead me to re-think what my very first Blog article would be about, in addition to what my Blog name would consist of.

This turn of events has definitely changed my perspective about the dynamics on what my family values Blog will be about. It has awakened in me a new defining purpose that my Blog will not only be about my family recent turning of unfortunate events, but it will include all facets of family life that shape America today. I cannot intelligently speak about family values from other countries around the world, due to the fact that my birthright rest in the United States, but that may be even more so why this Blog may be a healing place where any person can share their personal stories about family values.

It would take a very well traveled person to speak about their other extended family values, and just maybe – this is where my journey begins with this Blog. Maybe this is an opportunity on how we all can make an effort to assert our self in being proactive with our loved ones, instead of being disconnected by feeling remorse for not being a life support in the bad times – which matter the most.

Upon very deep and contemplative thought, my wish is for this Blog to be about healing, staying connected with family, learning to love and support your family for the good, bad, and ugly.

My constant prayer will be for my nephew to recover from this tragic and unfortunate accident, and to also to be able to live a long and prosperous life. My other prayer will be for the recovery of something lost, something we are all longing for, something that keeps us together as a family, love. This one word carries a lot of weight, but in actuality – it is the glue that keeps a family from falling apart. Hopefully it is the glue that bonds our love deeper into the understanding of family unity. Often times many family members carry the weight of bad feelings, unhealthy grudges – which in turn lead to a conflict between a disconnections in how a family relationship exist.

My family has undergone several trials and tribulations throughout the years, and yet – we have become better stewards of our responsibility on being the best family we can be, to help support each other.

Do not let tragedy bring your family together under false pretenses, join hands and hearts and love one another unconditionally, it is the glue which keeps the fabric of a family from falling apart.

My family Blog is about the ancestry of human evolution. We are all part of a master plan, but in this life - you live, so share your family with the world. If you like to leave a prayer for my nephew, please feel free to do so, and come share your family values, opinions, and feel free to leave your comments on the Tragic Survivor Blog.

a prayer for brain damage victims
Article by Alfonso Coley - Photo Courtesy of Aaron Coley - All Rights Reserved"