Sunday, February 26, 2017

Born of Yesterday Born of Today

Born of freedom we be of nationalities; the Africans, the Jewish, the unjustifiably named American-Indians, the Aztec Indians, the Spanish-Americans, the Civil War African-Americans, the Indian people of India, the improvised Chinese peoples, and too many other nationalities neglected by the history of prejudice.

company civil war troops 4th usct wikimedia commons

Born of freedom we be – great peoples of the world, born of yesteryear, born into the unthinkable circumstance of ignorant darkness. The great spirit of humanity has always been the beacon of light that place our spiritual self in perpetual motion. It is the continuous freedom – the true flight of the phoenix – born of today, born of yesterday.

slave captured in bronze livorno italy wikimedia commons

Nothing new, nothing gained will ever come from fear of our indefinite human evolution. It is an iniquity of power that divides a nation, and left corruptible – will be the very thing that keeps prejudice and elitism alive – living deep and unsubstantiated in the heart of the denier. Born of yesterday we are, born of today is the face of what we as a nation will ultimately become – as we reside in a falsehood of abstract death.

shackles slavery manilla okhapos purchase slaves

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons